AVOS is a family textile studio and workshop. We make bespoke curtains and drapes. We deliver complete solutions from design to mounting.

Have your curtains made to measure.

We will help you with choosing a fabric for your curtains, drapes, Roman blinds or Japanese textile walls. We will demonstrate the possibilities of the method of attachment and control. We will go through the possibilities of cutting and sewing details.

We will personally measure each place where the curtain will be installed. We will find out the possibilities of anchoring rails. We carefully check the selected fabric before sewing. We will prepare for each measured place the exact cut of the fabric according to the required composition, pleating and type of material. We sew hips and hems. The fabric is straightened and ironed several times during sewing to obtain the desired shape and constant size. According to the client's wishes, we will add decorative pleats and decorative elements.

We anchor rails at the installation site. We hang, check and arrange curtains and drapes. Our work ends with a perfectly hung and arranged result.

Over time, we will also provide regular professional cleaning, ironing and re-installation.

Behind studio AVOS is Alice Vostracká,
her husband and two daughters.

Together with a team of collaborators, they have many years of experience and a wide range of projects in various types of premises, from apartments, through family houses, cottages, hotels to restaurants, shops and offices.